Stellar Coaches

Serena Carvalho
Being in the fitness industry for the past 17 years, her training beliefs were based on total body, real life movements. After being introduced to CrossFit functional movements, she was intrigued. Serena drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid in July 2011. After falling in love with the sport, she attended the Level One Trainer’s Course in August 2012, then Olympic Weight Lifting Trainer’s Course at Foundry CrossFit, the Level 2 Coaches Prep Course in the fall of 2014, and completed Crossfit Gymnastics Certification in September 2016.


Erin Baum 

CrossFit Level 1


Jill Zamoyta

Jill has been active her whole life. She competed in downhill mountain bike racing all over the United States and Canada, as well as short-distance running, and even completed a couple of sprint-length triathlons. She always felt something was missing though, and after a back injury a few years ago that left her debilitated as a 43-year old mom, her physical therapist introduced her to Crossfit through a very scaled “Cindy”. Although even this little WOD felt impossibly hard and left her nearly dead after only 6 minutes, she was hooked instantly. As a former teacher, coaching others in a sport she is so passionate about is a natural fit. She completed her CrossFit Level 1 training in October of 2013, added a certification in Olympic Weightlifting in August of 2015 and a certification in Scaling in December of 2015. Coaching the amazing athletes at Stellar is one of the greatest gifts in her life.


Lanae Segovia

Level 1 coach


Andy Meadors

Level 1 coach


Jesse Lawson

Level 1 coach