Each and every one of you athletes has made HUGE progress and improvements over our first year at StellarCF. I feel you all are hungry for more.

Since the Games Open 2015 has begun all I’m hearing is ” I want a toes to bar” “I want a chest to bar” “I want a muscle up!” “I want a stronger this and heavier that!” Perhaps you don’t care about any of these but you want to loss a little body fat. I love the desire but now let’s set the pace! How can we make these wishes reality!???

This brings me to my purpose.
I would like to invite you all to find a goal or two. No goal is too big or too small! Challenge yourself. PM me and I will give the prescription to achieving your goal/s
All the coaches will be notified and we all can begin our journey to next year’s Open 2016!

3-2-1 GO.AL


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