Getting Started


When you are just starting CrossFit you should expect to experience a bit of a learning curve. Oftentimes we are teaching you movements that you have never done before and it is important to remember to exercise patience while mastering those movements.

We like to emphasize mechanics, then consistency and then intensity.  It typically takes new members a couple weeks to get comfortable with both the movements and the intensity of the workouts.  Just like learning a new language, the more you practice, the faster you will improve, but as our coaches like to say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”! Our philosophy is, “Stronger than yesterday”.

Why CrossFit?

  • CrossFit makes fitness fun
  • Athletes are the healthiest people
  • Functional movements and applicable strength
  • Always different and an adventure each day
  • Community environment and team atmosphere
  • Performances are measured
  • Prepares you for anything
  • Creates well rounded fitness
  • Strengthens from core to extremities
  • It truly is life changing

FREE Intro!

CrossFit must be experienced in order to be understood. Your first session will consist of a warmup, learning a few basic skills, and a 5-15 minute workout. (Yes, 5-15 minutes!) There is no charge, and all you will need is water, standard workout attire, and a can-do attitude!

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Free 1 hour personal intro session with certified coach.

Functional fitness and constantly varied high intensity exercise gets you into the best shape of your life that protects you from injury and prepares you for anything!

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