Erin Baum

Erin Bawm

She grew up in Big Bear. Growing up here she found passions in soccer, snowboarding and mountain biking. She was a very successful soccer athlete and played for the inaugural girls soccer team at Big Bear High School. During high school, Erin also found that she loved to teach people how to snowboard, and taught for the local resorts for many years.
After moving back to Big Bear after college, Erin did her first Crossfit workout while training with Serena. She had immediately drank the Crossfit kool aid and wanted to help others on their fitness track. She got her Level 1 down in San Diego in August 2014.

She loves what Crossfit not only does for you physically, but mentally and emotionally and she loves seeing the many positive changes all the athletes go through with Crossfit, and especially at Stellar!