Jill Zamoyta

Jill Zomoyta

Jill has been active her whole life. She competed in downhill mountain bike racing all over the United States and Canada, as well as short-distance running, and even completed a couple of sprint-length triathlons. She always felt something was missing though, and after a back injury a few years ago that left her debilitated as a 43-year old mom, her physical therapist introduced her to Crossfit through a very scaled “Cindy”. Although even this little WOD felt impossibly hard and left her nearly dead after only 6 minutes, she was hooked instantly. As a former teacher, coaching others in a sport she is so passionate about is a natural fit. She completed her CrossFit Level 1 training in October of 2013, added a certification in Olympic Weightlifting in August of 2015 and a certification in Scaling in December of 2015. Coaching the amazing athletes at Stellar is one of the greatest gifts in her life.