What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is Functional Fitness

CrossFit utilizes minimal equipment, and incorporates real-life and functional movement that strengthens the body as a whole, not in parts. For example, we don't have "leg day" or "back day". Every day is whole-body day.

CrossFit is Highly Varied

Workouts are rarely repeated to keep you engaged and constantly learning. This prevents burnout, overtraining, and keeps your body from adapting to a routine. In other words, with CrossFit you will get stronger and fitter without hitting a "plateau", or getting bored. 

CrossFit is for EVERYONE!

We have athletes from the early teens to the late 70's and beyond! CrossFit can be scaled for every limitation, every fitness level, every age! Our only goal is to help you achieve total life fitness for the long-term, and to make you smile in the process!

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